Net Audio Encoder
2N® NetStreamer has become 2N® Net Audio Encoder.
The 2N® Net Audio Encoder is a clever IP device that can convert traditional (e.g. analogue) audio signal sources to IP form.
Simply connect it to an FM radio, CD player or microphone and the 2N® Net Audio Encoder encoder then distributes audio to various destinations over an IP network using the 2N® IP Audio Manager software application.
This audio converter can particularly be used in various public spaces, such as hotels, restaurants and wellness or fitness centres.

The 2N® Net Audio Encoder is an ideal solution, especially in cases where the customer is changing over, for example, from a 100V public address centre to a modern IP audio system, but there is a problem with the connection of current audio sources, which are not IP-compatible. The 2N® Net Audio Encoder is fully compatible with these sources and enables you to connect them to this new technology.
So, how does the 2N® Net Audio Encoder work? Each audio signal source is linked to a 2N® Net Audio Encoder, which transmits it over aLAN network. The audio signal is sent from traditional music sources over an IP network directly to the 2N® IP Audio Manager software application running on your computer/server. This application then distributes audio to pre-set destinations (e.g. a 2N® Net Audio Decoder IP audio system with a speaker, IP intercom, Cisco telephone, etc.). In addition, it enables you to create separate zones and play different message content in each of these areas.
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