The 2N LTE door intercoms are a successful substitute for classic Speakerphone bell button panels and complex circuitry of bells and domestic phones where structured cabling cannot be deployed. The intercoms render more sophisticated and extensive services than standard domestic phones. ​​

The intercom is easy to install - all you have to do is insert a SIM card, connect a power supply and set necessary parameters via the My2N portal.
Thanks to the integrated SIP protocol, the intercom can make use of all VoIP services: call forwarding at absence (to another office, VoiceMail or a cellular phone) or call transfer (from the secretary’s office to the required person, e.g.).
The intercoms are equipped with a programmable number of quick dial buttons for speed calling to the users whose numbers are included in the intercom Users list. Each of the quick dial buttons can be assigned up to three phone numbers, which can be dialled in parallel or sequentially.
Thanks to an integrated time sheet it is possible to configure each of the buttons in such a way that the called party is always accessible and/or calls to selected phone numbers can be barred off the working hours.
Some 2N LTE intercom models are equipped with a numeric keypad, which can be used as a code.
The 2N LTE intercoms can be equipped with an RFID card reader for authorised access control and thus become a key part of your surveillance or attendance control systems.

The 2N LTE intercoms are equipped with a relay switch (and, optionally, other relays and outputs), which controls the electric lock or other equipment connected to the intercom. Its activation time and method can be programmed flexibly: it can be activated by a code, automatically by a call, by pressing a button, and so on. 
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